"In the Vedic literatures the supreme person is properly claimed to be Krsna. The name 'Krsna,' indicating the Supreme Lord, is the only truly intelligible name of the highest order. He is the controller of both material and antimaterial worlds." -Swami Prabhupada


In the Tigare Bofour sect of Yipala, Ghana there is a very mystical line Jinni that come from the Cushitic tribe of Krishna, the first hero to walk the earth in a holy black body. Like the deity Abosomfos, call Tigare Bofour, Krishna originates in Ethiopia and the East. Tigare Bofour mostly likely become popular in Islamic West Africa following Sudanic migration across the Sahara dessert. These migrations elucidate the reason the music, traditions and religions of some West African tribes are identical to the ones found in Ethiopia, the Middle East, and the part of India inhabited by the Dravidians.

From Krishna comes the very misunderstood word Christ to denote a human being that knows the Secret and can alter reality in accordance with his Will by projecting Invisible Light from the Third Eye Chakra. A nineteenth century British historian named Godfrey Higgins linked Krishna to the Ethiopian RAS and the mystical number 666. In the ‘Anacalypsis,’ Higgins postulates that the Ethiopian RAS is the ancient African origin of the 666 Current. Aleister Crowley linked the 666 Current the New Aeon of the African-Egyptian god Horus. According to Gerald Massey, Horus and Lord Krishna are one and the same. There is also historical evidence indicating that Krishna worship preserves the Annunaki Mystery that is being used by the Psychic Order ov Light transform ordinary men into great influencers and demigods. Dr. H.R. Hall, of the Department of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, the British Museum that the Sumerians were Dravidian migrants from India. Dr. Hall asserts: “The face type of the average Indian today is no doubt much the same as that of his Dravidian race-ancestor thousands of years ago…And it is to this Dravidian type of Indian that the ancient Sumerians bear the most resemblance…” Regarding the racial African origin of the Sumerians, In ‘Introduction to African Civilizations,’ John G. Jackson asserts: “The myths, legends, and tradition of the Sumerians point to the African Ethiopia as the home of these people.”

Krishna is usually depicted in India art as blue-black because of his connection to the Annunaki. One also finds in Southern India an ancient Bantu race of pygmies that help us place in its proper context the very reason Dwarves in the Tigare Bofour sect are said to originate in India. This not to mention that in his most popular depictions Krishna is a dwarf himself.

The thing to know about Krishna is that he is the ancient Black God that teaches us the connection biological melanin has to Carbon-12. Alchemical literature tells us that 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons combine to produce the Shining Ones mentioned in all the sacred texts of the ancient world. Carbon-12 and biological melanin are also the reasons people can chant ‘Hare Krishna’ thousands to evolve into Shining Ones in total control of their destinies. To understand Akan cosmology as it relates to Hinduism and Sufism is to begin the process the Secret that the Psychic Order ov Light uses to turn ordinary men and women into great influencers and demigods.

The Psychic Order ov Light will teach you how to chant ‘Hare Krishna’ to achieve the type of Christ Consciousness that enabled King Solomon to rule the world with 72 Jinn. In Islamic West Africa, Tigare Bofour is perceived as an Angel of Allah that is the leader of a multi-dimensional race of Dwarves that are easily summoned by a wizard or ceremonial magician who knows how to chant ‘Hare Krishna.’ When properly chanted this mantra activates the supernatural powers of the Yogis and Sufi mystics.

Significantly, ‘hare’ is the great word of power that African Muslims and Native Americans have used for centuries to summon Jinn. In ‘They Came Before Columbus,’ Dr. Ivan Van Sertima relates: “…in both Mexico and Mali, the gourd rattle becomes a sort of ventriloquist’s dummy for the voice of the god. This gourd rattle is the chief instrument of both the West African and American fetish priest…The Tupi has not only the word maraca (gourd rattle) but maraca-inbara (wizard, witch). The refrain of the Caribe diviners using the gourd rattle in other ceremonies in the pre-Columbian Caribbean was also the same. The imprecation of the Caribs consists in a series of songs and chants of which the refrain is HAURE. Similarly, the Mandingo Negroes call their talking devil [Jinn] HORE.”

The Mandingo magicians noted by Sertima had a profound effect on the development of the Tigare Bofour sect that incorporate Islamic and Hindu occult elements to venerate the Jinn that King Solomon used to rule the world with High Magick. The Moorish origin of the Tigare Bofour sect might explain why voodoo priests use the Hare Krishna chant to summon the Jinn. Those who join the Psychic Order ov Light will learn a method for using the Hare Krishna chant to summon the Jinn and tap their full potential as Shining Ones. This is the Secret!


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