Q: What makes Doktor Lucifer different from other Black Magic Casters and Voodoo Priests?

A: Doktor Lucifer is a legally ordained minister and Sufi mystic from the Tigare Bofour sect of Ghana, West Africa. He holds a degree from Howard University in Psychology and has helped many people tap their full potential by teaching them how to summon Jinn by chanting the Hindu mantras that get the attention of a multi-dimensional race of West African Jinn or dwarves called Mmoatia. His long list of faithful clients includes some of the most successful men and women in the world. Professionalism and Honesty are Doktor Lucifer’s trademarks!

Q: Do I need to join the Psychic Order ov Light to get a psychic Sufi reading or use Doktor Lucifer’s black magic spellcasting services?

A: No, but by joining the Psychic Order ov Light at the third tier you will receive free psychic Sufi readings each month and learn the Secret of how to cast potent black magic spells with nothing but your mind and specialized knowledge of the occult energies that rule the 7 days of the week. So, joining the Psychic Order ov Light is the best way to make use of Doktor Lucifer’s black magic spellcasting services for free.

Q: Is joining the Psychic Order ov Light the same thing as becoming a Freemason?

A: No, the Psychic Order ov Light is the Psychic Order ov Light and the Masonic Lodge is the Masonic Lodge. The two organizations are not the same. However, the Psychic Order ov Light does reveal to its members the Secret of the higher degrees of Freemasonry because it is in possession of the Secret of the Morning Star and the Annunaki.

Q: What exactly is Trap Hypnosis?

A: Trap Hypnosis is a new form of NLP Black Magick, Psychic Seduction, and Covert Hypnosis. It is electronic music to ‘trap’ in the consciousness of the listener the 72 Jinn or Goetia spirits. Doktor Lucifer discovered Trap Hypnosis from studying ‘Formula of A Hit,’ which was created by one of the music industry’s most talented song writers. Her ‘Formula’ has been used by music producers to make hit songs that have a profound effect on the subconscious mind. Doktor Lucifer uses the ‘Formula’ to cast potent black magic voodoo spells by reprogramming the subconscious minds of his listeners. Listen to Trap Hypnosis daily to materialize with mindpower whatever your desire from life.

Q: How can I use NLP Black Magick and Trap Hypnosis to evolve into a Shining One?

A: The Trap Hypnosis technique is only revealed people of joined the Psychic Order ov Light for $66.60.

Q: Is hiring Doktor Lucifer to do a psychic reading or perform an Obeah Ritual or cast a real black magic voodoo spell the equivalent to selling my soul to the Devil?

A: No, Doktor Lucifer’s psychic readings and black magic spellcasting services have nothing to do with pact a with Satab.

Q: How can I learn more about making a pact for success?

A: Join the Psychic Order ov Light today to learn how can make a pact and command 72 Jinn or Goetia spirits to help you succeed in all areas of life.

Q: How can learn more about Doktor Lucifer’s black magic voodoo teachings?

A: Read Doktor Lucifer’s new book ‘To Swear in Blood: Real Secret Society Rituals Revealed.’ Everything you need to know about Doktor Lucifer’s unique brand of dark magic is in his book!