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In the Gnostic Christian form of voodoo magick, Lucifer is the Angel of Music, and the leader of the Annunaki who rebelled by mating with the daughters men in Primeval Africa. It is through the Dark Art and Science of music that the fallen angel Lucifer works the magick of the Venus 666 current. Doktor Lucifer unleashes the the Black Magick Voodoo of the Witch Doctor and Jamaican by using Afro-Cuban inspired Palo Mayombe music to summon the shadow matter entities African Christian ministers call jinn, genies, and principalities of the air.

Lucifer is the Angel of Music and the Supreme Master of the Black Voodoo Magick Science that summons Kabbalistic demons syncretized to ferocious Bantu bush spirits. Old Afro-Cuban songs in the Son genre identify Lucifer as the patron saint of Palo Mayombe high priests known as Ganguleros. In Trinidad and Haiti, Witch Doctors use the Grand Grimoire or Book of the Red Dragon to make the necromantic pact with Lucifer in his fallen angel aspect. He is also the light that guides us to our true destinies and enlightened awareness as extraterrestrials.

Lucifer is the bringer of light and the one who reveals hidden knowledge. He is also the teacher of the occult sciences and the patron of magicians.

Lucifer is the one who can help us to achieve our highest potentials and to fulfil our deepest desires. He is also the one who can lead us astray if we are not careful.

So it is important to tread carefully when summoning Lucifer and to always be respectful. If you do summon him, you should do so with a pure heart and pure intentions. To do otherwise is to risk opening the gates of hell and being consumed by the shadow self.

Doktor Lucifer was born on Friday at the very moment Venus appears on the horizon. He is the Son of the Morning and the preferred witch doctor famous rappers consulted when they wanted to make a real Illuminati pact with Lucifer to shine as a superstar and great influencer. Listen to Doktor Lucifer's music to align with the astrological secrets of Lucifer and the Law of Attraction.